Strengthening public ambulance services in Kenya to save lives.

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What We Do

About Ambulensi

Ambulensi - Swahili for "Ambulance", is a web-based dispatching software designed and supported by the Emergency Medicine Kenya Foundation (EMKF) to assist public ambulance services in Kenya in coordinating their fleet of ambulances, ultimately ensuring prompt public access to critical emergency medical care services across the country.

  • Easy access
  • Simple coordination
  • Life Saving
Some features

Ambulensi improves efficiency


Identify and dispatch the nearest available ambulance


Track ambulance availability, location, and estimated time of arrival


Assign the appropriate ambulance crew and equipment


Ensure timely transfer of patients to the right hospital

Set-up & Installation

Setting up Ambulensi

Simple Infrastructure

Installed on a local server and cloud.

Minimal Training

Easy transition from a traditional mobile phone approach to an integrated modern ambulance dispatching solution.


Only pay for internet connectivity and call costs.

Great work completed and Still counting








what Counties say about us

Ambulensi is wonderfully crafted application that will go a long way in helping resource thin County Governments in Kenya meet the threshold for a fully functional ambulance response coordination centre.

As a Ministry, we are confident that continued support from EMKF will ensure that every Kenyan has access to the highest standard of emergency medical care, thereby significantly reducing morbidity and mortality across the healthcare system in Kenya.

Applications like Abulensi will enable any organization to scale it's emergency response services without much strain on IT investment and staff.

Emergency Medicine Kenya Foundation (EMKF)

EMKF is an NGO supporting governments and emergency healthcare providers across Kenya to save lives by strengthening the emergency healthcare system through capacity building, knowledge development, advocacy and research

Our Partners

This Project was co-financed within the framework of the Polish development cooperation of the 

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland.